AW 22-23 collection



"Welcome to Emporium, a Heimstone virtual mall I created, featuring 9 specialized stores taking its inspiration around outdoor activities." Alix Petit

Press play to watch Heimstone Creative Director & Founder explain her vision for Emporium the AW22-23 Collection for Heimstone. (3 minute)


Emporium includes 9 specialized imaginary stores, therefore 9 capsules that will be unveiled from July 12th to December 2022.

Capsule #9/9 Play Pause Repeat launching on Decembre 1st at 9PM.

capsule #8/9


The eighth specialized store from Emporium by Heimstone


Margo’s soul, who brings the art of mixology to a whole different level, is as glittering as her eclectic branch. Push the door in a quest for good spirits, leave the place with your taste buds and pupils delighted in the greatest refinement there is.

How could wrap up this collection without sharing our own passion? That one of the small and big nights, that one of the divine delight to dress up for the simple occasion as a dinner between friends, with all the necessary chic without betraying or distort one’s own style. Here is the simple treat of Alix, that she encapsulates with her delicate euphoria in Play, Pause, Repeat, our festive capsule. Just like a quick memo that says that enjoying each piece of one’s wardrobe or celebrating life is one same battle: without restraint or self-control, it all brightens up!

Hedonist from the outset, push the door of Play, Pause, Repeat.


Challenging winter and its translucent colors, Alix composes a tone-on-tone capsule, all dressed in pinks, in sweet yet diluted hues which luminous expression is strengthened by the choice of shiny fabrics. Beside them, mischievous cheeks illuminate, twinkly eyes sparkle, warm hearts shine. It is a real party in here.

Gently and very far from a severe sophistication, the volumes and silhouettes of Play, Pause, Repeat have been imagined like « ready-to-wear » outfits to dress up with refinement and a hint of glam in less than a second.

Feeling overjoyed? Chapter two of our legendary Messy Dots print is written in constellations. Feeling bubbly? We edited our iconic Champagne lace in a silver color that brings out luxurious and magical appearance. Feeling 70s? The matching set entirely embroidered with Mermaid sequin that we chose specifically for its size.

subsequent capsules


Black Seeds is the ultimate garden center that knew how to stay ahead of the game and kept up with its time to satisfy the demand for eco-responsible seeds.