AW 22-23 collection



"Welcome to Emporium, a Heimstone virtual mall I created, featuring 9 specialized stores taking its inspiration around outdoor activities." Alix Petit

Press play to watch Heimstone Creative Director & Founder explain her vision for Emporium the AW22-23 Collection for Heimstone. (3 minute)


Emporium includes 9 specialized imaginary stores, therefore 9 capsules that will be unveiled from July 12th to December 2022.

Capsule #2/9 The Bay launching on July 26th 9AM.

capsule #2/9


The second specialized store from Emporium by Heimstone.


The Bay is the centennial beach shop halfway between inflatable floating items, swimsuits, parasols, braseros, magazines and sun beds.

For this second capsule, Alix immersed herself in her family memories tucked in the sunny capes of the French Riviera. Where rocks and pebbles are kings, she got moved and got inspired by everything that has not changed. The sunbeds, the sunshades, the pétanque, mint syrup in ice cold water or petits jaunes, it is up to you. A cultural heritage that screams to take the time and enjoy the power of now.


And this is how Summer goes by at Heimstone : The Bay calls in the aesthetic universe of the eastern south of France against a backdrop of viscose veils as light and soft as trade wind. The ideal fabric when heat hits records. Created as a duo, Alix offers the Sprinkle print on a black “zodiac” backdrop or on a white “fior di latte” backdrop to serve a wardrobe halfway in between urban and leisure-like, the necessary balance for minimalist suitcases. At Heimstone, we like travelling light!

subsequent capsules


Black Seeds is the ultimate garden center that knew how to stay ahead of the game and kept up with its time to satisfy the demand for eco-responsible seeds.