Holidermie x Heimstone

Holidermie x Heimstone

Rise and shine
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In November, Empower Women Through Creativity teams up with Holidermie,
Mélanie Huynh's "in & out" skincare brand, to give you the chance to experience a holistic approach to beauty.
Living a pulsating daily life as a stylist and fashion freelance consultant with leading designers,
Mélanie has been interested in what contributes to a better balance of life: a holistic approach to beauty.

In 2019, she creates Holidermie, with the help of her most specialized friends: surgeon Jérôme Paris,
make-up artist Violette, perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, and strategy consultant Isabelle Herbreteau.
After months of work, Holidermie was born.
A synergistic cocktail to make your in & out beauty shine.
Everything has been thought through: sensory textures with guaranteed efficiency, in minimalist boxes.
At home, through an online questionnaire, get to know your skin so that Holidermie can sort out your personalized synergistic nutri-cosmetic ritual.
Within a few days, you will receive your supplements, your skincare products and your HoliFace yoga program.
Three synergistic steps in favor of a global beauty. 

How to participate?

1- follow @heimstone and @holidermie accounts.
2- like and comment our dedicated post by tagging a friend to whom you would like to discover Holidermie.
3- winner will be picked up on November 30th.

Good luck!