Born in 1983, Alix grew up in Paris with a big brother and a twin sister.

With a businessman father and an interior designer mother, they have a childhood bathed in creativity,
where they are initiated to travelling trips and meet with different cultures.

As a child, she dreamt of becoming an architect.
Her studies commenced at Atelier Chardon Savard, a fashion school which she graduated in 2005.

Her speciality? Knits.
As a thread that unfolds, she began her career at Michel Klein as a knitwear designer.

 In 2007, fueled by travels and driven by her personal desires,
Alix launched Heimstone with the dream of creating a brand that empower women.

Her goal ? That girls wear dresses like you wear a pair of jeans.

Today she is married to an Australian-Turkish that she met in New York and is a mother of two little girls.

Alix still draws inspiration from travel and multicultural life.
In each of her collections, she declines her uninhibited creativity,
her love of textile work and her passion for print.

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