Creativity is ours

Creativity is ours


For our 12th experience #MyHeimstonePrint, we invited a unique jury to help us select five of your prints propositions.
We asked them all to tell us how creativity finds its way in their daily life. Here are their answers.

PATRICIA BUFFA / Fondation Louis Vuitton

Creativity finds its way in my daily life in storytelling, in playing with words and languages, in the possibility of telling a story in a thousand different ways and stimulating, in doing so, the imagination of others.

It's like a "domino" effect: I feel really creative when my imagination influences the imagination of others, when another hand than mine finishes writing the story I started, when we switch from an individual exercise to a collective creation.

Creativity is an experience that transforms us.

TATIANA DUPOND / LinkedIn & Riverside House Normandy

I think that creativity goes with open-mindedness, curiosity, imagination…

When I think about it, being creative for me is not necessarily inventing something or creating something but it is a state of mind, it is to open up to the world, to take inspiration from what surrounds us, to dare to think as one wants to think without being influenced.

I was raised in a large family. And the art of welcoming guests for me is key, I am passionate about cooking, places, atmospheres. In my daily life, my creativity is expressed in how I cook, decoration and more generally moments that bring people together. I think that what is important is to know what triggers inspirations, strong emotions, what makes you want to see the beautiful and for me it is the nature, the great landscapes, I am also fascinated (and I am totally fine with it!) by many small things in life.

PEGGY FREY / Journalise mode et tendance freelance

It's quite simple... Creativity and me are not friends. Can’t pull anything creative out of me. Zero. Nada. This is also why I overflow with admiration for creative people. These people who, just like that, make up a floral wreath with three trombones or cook a Lebanese-Mexican influenced recipe with just a lime and two peppers. How cruel! I can’t do anything with my hands. It’s like I have two left hands.

My creativity lies elsewhere. You can’t see it, can’t touch eat, can’t eat it… It is imperceptible. It's a muted creativity: I excel in the art of inspiring myself from others... Especially creative ones. I like interviewing them. I like listening to them. I like to play around with them to understand their mechanism, to unravel the mystery and to finally... have the impression of « being one of them » !

But hey, don’t tell anyone!


Just like everyone who run their own company, I have 2 jobs in 1. I am a press officer and a CEO. Both jobs need me to be very creative, but not the same way. My daily job is to imagine all the stories you can tell around a brand or a product, and tell them to the right people with the right words. For that I get inspired by everything around me. What I see, read, hear ... Everything is a potential source of inspiration - my phone is full of screenshots and notes.

Parallel to that, my obsession to properly run my company is to live on the go. That's what I spend most of my creative energy on. We live in a fast moving world, we must move at the same pace. It is crucial to attract new collaborations, but also to counter the routine and remain desirable in the eyes of our customers and our team. It's been 18 years that I have worked alongside Sandrine, my business partner. Together, we have often moved away from the usual thinking to find unexpected solutions and reinvent ourselves. This is for me the most beautiful expression of our creativity.

JULIE PELLET / Instagram

Being bored: the best timing for my creativity!

Between work, business trips, conferences and now a baby, moments when I find myself being bored are rare. However, I love to be bored, and feel the time passing by slowly, too slowly... In general, it only happens on holiday.

And all of sudden, when I am bored too much, my brain starts having a lot of thoughts, observations and I spend the rest of my holiday scribbling in a notebook dozens of ideas on projects that I I would like to lead, company I'd like to launch, or photos I'd like to shoot!

Now the books start piling up, I guess taking action is the only thing left to do! 

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