Kshanti x Heimstone

Kshanti x Heimstone

Let's energize
In April, we offer you an energizing bubble.
 We give you the chance to become the happy member of the high end Kshanti yoga studio for 3 months.

Located in an old church, covered with ivy and jasmine, in the heart of a charming courtyard in the 6th area of Paris, far from the bustle of city life, this studio is a well-being temple where everything invites you to let it go.

Let's come and do a yoga in the image of its founder Catalina Denis.

Born in Columbia, this entrepreneur, also mum, full of  inspiring energy and enthusiasm, will guide you in your practice.

An invitation to fill up with good waves.

How to participate?

1- follow @heimstone and @kshantiyoga accounts

2- like and comment this post by tagging your most benevolent friend.

3- winner will be picked up on April 30.

Good luck!